In recent times,video streaming services like Netflix,Amazon Prime,Disney Hotstar and many popular streaming services are now available these days where you can watch movies,documentaries,webseries.

Webseries has revolutionized the entertainment industry . More people are now on smartphones rather than watching television. If you have not seen any webseries and you are starting to watch.

Then in this article we will take look at top five all time best webseries which you can binge watch for sure:

1.Breaking Bad:

It is kind of crime drama television series that aired on AMC in 2008.It is currently highest rated crime drama on IMDB.This show was created by Vince Gilligan.The story follows the life of a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with final stage cancer who decides to manufacture drugs and start selling drugs to provide financial stability for his family.

This show is known for its complex characters like Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, Jesse Pinkman played By Aaron Paul and many more impactful characters are there which is not given as it will be spoilers for viewers.

This series is mostly shot in Albuquerque ,New Mexico Region providing the touch of crime drama series. This show has won numerous awards including 16 Emmy Awards including Bryan Cranston best performance in television history.

There are 5 seasons comprising list of 62 episodes.

Here is the trailer of this Series:

2.Stranger Things :

This is science fiction horror television series that aired on Netflix in 2016.This show is created by Duffer brothers. Basically the story is set in the 1980s where group of friends explore some supernatural dark secrets and mysteries in their small town.

The best part of this show is that every characters who are there and their story seems to be perfect in sync with each other stories. With one of the best sound tracks,interesting storylines and memorable characters like Eleven,Mike ,Will,Max is definetly a worth binge watching.

This series has also won many awards like Kids Choice,Critics Choice , MTV movie award,People’s choice award and also five Emmy awards.

Here you can watch trailer :

3.Games of Thrones:

It is one of the best fantasy drama series that aired on HBO in 2011.This series is based on Novel of George R.R. Martin.This show is known for its strong characters ,plots,vfxs and epic battles between different kingdoms fighting for the iron throne.

This series is currently one of the best television series of all the time .This show has won many awards including 59 Emmy Awards .

If you are fan of fantasy and period stories , then you are going to love this series.

You can watch trailer here:

4.Dexter :

If you are a fan of suspense,thriller and crime drama series ,then dexter is number one series to watch.

This show started in 2006 under the direction of James Manos Jr. and has gained a massive following over the years.

The story follows Dexter Morgan, a blood analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department who is secretly a serial killer. Dexter kills people based on his own sense of morality, justice, and the complexities of human nature.

After each killing, he dumps the bodies into nearby lakes and takes a blood sample on glass as a souvenir. This twisted hobby has been his secret for years, until his double life begins to unravel.

Despite the grisly nature of the show, viewers can’t help but be drawn into the complex world of Dexter Morgan. As he struggles to keep his two lives separate, the tension and drama continue to build with each episode.

Overall, Dexter is a captivating and darkly entertaining show that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This show is basically know for its dark humour,strong characters and thrilling story.

Dexter is played by Miachel C. Hall and he has won golden globe award for best actor performance.

Here you can watch the trailer :

5.Avatar The Last Airbender Animated Series:

It may have ben around 15 years for this animated series last aired. But this series is one of the best series of all time ,created by Miachel Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko.

The story depicts 4 kingdoms where people have power of water,earth,fire and air.

The main character in this series is Aang. The last surviving AirBender and the Avatar as he can only bring balance and peace to the world.

This series have all fun,drama and story that will grip you till last episode.

Here you can watch trailer:

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