What is Mental Health ?

First of all everyone should know about what is mental health .It basically refers to overall psychological, cognitive, emotional and social functioning well being of a person which includes range of factors like how a individual think ,behave ,react ,feel and take decisions.

In today’s era, everyone is running towards their work round the clock ,which is impacting individual wellbeing and mental health. Mental health is important part of life yet it is overlooked and labelled as taboo. People think mental wellbeing is some sort of madness, which causes hesitation in talking to someone properly without any ease

After the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritize mental health as the first priority because if you are not mentally fit, you are not physically fit. So, in this article we will see how we can cope with stress and try to overcome it.

Causes of Mental Illness:

●Overthinking of past and future

●Irregular daily routines of work

●Long hours of screen time

●Genetic and chronic stress

●Traumatic life experiences

●Substance use like drugs ,alcohol

●Experiencing abuses and violence’s for long period of time

Physical Symptoms of mental illness on body:

Persistent feeling of sadness and anxiety, heart palpitations ,fatigue ,headaches ,sleep disturbances, changes in appetite ,irritability ,poor concentration ,moving away from crowd ,fear of sound ,sudden panic attacks ,constant fear of unwanted things and many more..

How to overcome mental illness and improve mental wellbeing:

  • If you think you are trapped in your mental state, seek professional help such as going to a physiatrist, therapist, or counselor for therapy.
  • Meditation and yoga are very important things to clear your mind clutter and increase your concentration power. Daily routine of at least 30 minutes can significantly improve your mental health state.
  • Mindfulness is one of the most important techniques to tackle chronic stress. It is a practice which involves focus on present moment and hearing the sounds near you, observing the calmness in nature.
  • Deep Breathing is very impactful method to tackle mental illness ,in this method include some breathing exercises like box breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, focus slow breathing are ways to lower your stress levels and promote relaxation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation involves voluntary expansion and contraction of your body muscles group. This method also really helps ease your body aches due to muscle and mental tension.
  • Avoid self criticism or doing negative talk about yourself ,you should always avoid these kind of thoughts
  • Create a support system with loved ones; talking and sharing feelings can reduce stress and increase hopefulness.
  • Set smaller goals and prioritize the present, rather than targeting goals 5-10 years ahead. Set goals for the next day.
  • Develop hobbies that connect with your inner well-being, like singing or dancing, and do them with full concentration.
  • Doing exercises like running, jumping, or gym activities pumps dopamine and reduces stress to the optimum level.


You can surely overcome your anxiety and work for your goal by following these practical tips, as everyone needs to be mentally fit to move and grow in life.

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